Jim’s intro.

My name is Jim Huselton and I am a second year student in SOT on line Master’s of Theology program.  I pastor the Beaver Valley Church of God, Beaver, PA and have served in that position for the past six years. 
My wife’s name is Patty and she serves as associate pastor at the same church.  She is also pursuing her master’s degree, but is attending Walden University focusing on mental health counseling.  We have three adult children, two of whom are married and the youngest still lives at home.  Patty also works part time for Michael Baker Corp., a large engineering firm, as a file clerk. 
I graduated from Edinboro University of PA with B.S. in Music Ed.  More recently I earned a B.A. from Warner Southern College.  I started back to college and now I don’t want to quit!  Following my graduation from Edinboro I worked in the underground coal mines in South Western PA for twenty-one years.  It was during those years that I finally surrendered to God’s call on my life to full time ministry, but not before I managed a contracting company for four years. 
My hobbies include playing trumpet, riding motorcycles, and playing golf. Looking forward to this class and working with everybody.



2 Responses to “Jim’s intro.”

  1. Wonathan Joss Says:

    How did your masters go, Jim?

  2. clevelandrodriguez Says:

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